Telecommunications giant MGTS decided to do surveillance cameras the same integral part of every home as a television or microwave. There are all preconditions to ensure that the phenomenon will become really massive: this is very simple, absolutely confidentially andmost importantly-for free! For video surveillance in real-timealerts of suspicious events and video archive for 5 days no money take, pay only for the camera. You can buy or rent just 270 rubles per month.

Who among us does not happen to situations when you want to see how the case at home. Feel good grandparents? Babysitter plays with a child or seated in phone?Handyman work or do they have solid smoke break? Finally, whether the iron has been switched off and closed the window? A simple way to keep the situation under constant review by the House invented long ago is video surveillance. But for various reasons so far it was not particularly popular. Now, the situation may change. Surveillance Service of MGTSsolution really elegant, convenient and affordable absolutely everyone.


Connect camera you can own for 5 minutes. Video online and in record viewable on a computer, Smartphone or tablet. Pay only for the camera and after the facton a single account of MGTS, next month, along with other communication services.


Now detail. The easiest way to use the service through mobile applications are therefor iOS and Android. Connect from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. Adaptive video stream: If you have a weak link and a slow network connection,the service offers lower resolution.

Access to your records and Chambers is excluded. Video is transmitted in an encrypted form on GPON optical channel, record fall on the closed Portal MGTS and stored in its own data centers of MGTS. You can not be afraid of information leakage: login to portal video surveillance is possible only by login and password or via the mobile application on your personal device.


View a saved recording enables private cloud video archive for a period of 5 to 30 days. Fragments of records can be downloaded from the video archive to your computer to save them at any time.

Connect video surveillance is very simple: place the flat digital camcorder, register them on the portal service, install the mobile application on a smartphone or Tabletand see.

Not always have the opportunity to view the video from the camera, but it’s not really necessary. You can configure event monitoringtraffic alerts and sound (a specificvolume) in the range of cameras. So you immediately learn, not whether the houseuninvited guests and did not accept the child rock concert for all neighbors.

Now alerts come in the mail and after debugging system via SMS on a mobile phone. They also appear bells on the main page of the portal and mobile applications, and as red marks on the timeline in the player.

Online CCTV with motion sensors and sound absolutely free. And if you connect thevideo archive for 5 days before May 31, 2017 onwards, it also will not have to spendthe whole year and even more-up to May 31, 2018. Pay only for the camera: 6250 can buy or rent for 270 rubles per month. The camera is brought directly to your home, delivery within MKAD is free of charge.

If you have long wanted to install video surveillance in the apartment, but thought it was too expensive and difficulthere’s a great chance!