Tremble, Batman, after all, American scientists are preparing you a decent shift in the form of robotic bats. Science world quite often finds inspiration in the realm of wild nature, and that this time the staff of Caltech and the University of Illinois decided to build a robot in the image of the bat. So the scientists would be more convenient to explore the peculiarities of its flights and building wings.

Robot-bat was called Bat Bot. The complex mechanism consists of many joints, motorchikov, actuators and, of course, computer processor unit and a bunch of sensors for orientation in space. Robot mimics as closely as possible the work of the muscles of this bat, and his wings are made from Superfine Silicon membrane thickness of only 56 microns. It is hard to imagine, but the structure of the wings of the robot provides them access to 40 degrees of freedom, which makes possible blows exactly like his real prototype. To date, Bat Bot able to fly straight up to 30 metres, which is a very good indicator.

“Bat Bot represents one of the most complex designs flying robot in existence today” — not without pride says one of the project managers. And it is difficult to argue with him. For all the complexity of the device weighs only 93 grams of robot and its wings span is about 30 centimeters. A team of scientists over the long months of working on a complex system of joints, the expected traffic and algorithms selected maximum light and durable materials for the construction of the first prototype. The results of their work, the researchers published in the journal Science Robotics.