After the story with numerous samovozgorajushhimisja fabletami Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and subsequent withdrawal from the market, many manufacturers are thinking: how would we protect our users and ourselves from such situations in the future? The answer to this question was found by scientists from Stanford University. They proposed initially to supply the lithium-ion battery built-in system,capable of instantly put out incipient fire and avoid possible explosion.

Researchers have tried many ways to implement their ideas. Introduction of Li-ion batteries flame suppressants substances will inevitably reduce the conductive ability of electrochemical cells, therefore from this approach had to be abandoned at once.Then scientists came up with a brilliant idea: If the isolate plamegasjashhie substances from the cell contents, deterioration of battery‘s characteristics can be avoided. Just enclose the molecule in polymer capsule shell which destroyed exclusively at high temperature.
As soon as the battery is close to an explosion, the shell capsules is destroyed, and they plamegasjashhee the substance satisfies the hearth fire. In studies, scientists have used as a “fire extinguisher triphenyl phosphate coated polymer sheath PVDF-HFP. Since artificially created battery overheating to a halt of fire has passed no more than seconds. However, the performance of the battery. But before scientists worth another serious problem: durability flame suppressants capsules leaves much to be desired. After 360 cycles a polymer sheath some capsules collapses and reduces the efficiency of the battery.