Attempts to make a modular phone or smartphone have been undertaken in recent years quite often. Many electronics manufacturers and IT companies have been thinking over how to realize this idea, creating working prototypes, some even reported that soon, already is on the verge of release and will start selling its phones, which can replace certain modules that fit your tube for specific tasks.

In early September,Google announced that stops the development of modular smartphones, and now, alas, another large company announced that collapses the development in this direction.
Earlier LG smartphone with a large planned to release a range of modules: need a better cameraplease! Sound? You can too. But, as it turns out, is quite difficult, a concept phone with modular architecture and own ecosystem proved too strong for even venerable Koreans.
In the spring the company released smartphone G5, to which you can connect the cifroanalogovyj converter or dual camera control module, which could turn the tube into a convoluted kamerafon.
Alas, sales experience proved disappointing. LG reported that users of hard to dealwith all of these optional extensions and modular devices are quite complex in production, so it was decided to stop working on the further development of ideas “, said the Korean Edition Electronic Times referring to representatives of the company.
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