The company submitted a working model Mote Micro computer with a volume of 1cubic millimeter, with the processing power of this “kid is sufficient to become a Computing Centre of a wide variety of devices: from small cameras to medical devicesand other miniature technology increasingly popular Internet of things.

Now cameras, microphones and other devices have more sensors and sensors that require large enough computing power. This is due to the fact that processors of the devices themselves are simply unable to generate the huge processing and analysisof the received data stream, so often work in conjunction with conventional computers. To address this shortcoming, and created a miniature Micromote.

In addition to small size, Micromote consume and very little energy. For example, to recognize the sound of a car passing, measurements of air temperature, light level requires only a few Micromote NW energy and compact transmitter enables data transmission at a distance of 20 metres. But that’s not all: in the line of computers has a processor model Micromote equipped with native function examining on the basis of simple neural network.
Using this model, it is possible to create systems that efficiently perform tasks with speech recognition and Visual images. Micromote uses solar power for battery, capable of charging the device even at the expense of small light intensity. Fairly even level of lighting, which is present in the most ordinary room. Well, in order to learn about the structure of the Micromote, you can watch a couple of videos below.