Deliver ammunition, food and other necessary things on the battlefield or in an ambush is difficult and expensive. You can dump the goods from helicopter or airplane,but easier to entrust this case robots or security researcher Dave Dittrich, this is whyUnited States Army joined the development of flying cargo platform JTARV. It began on Kickstarter, but startup quickly signed the necessary contracts with the army and United States Marine Corps, and then things went much faster. Military engineersjoined the project and the funds necessary to bring everything to the mind started to come more often.

Aircraft Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle (JTARV) looks pretty boringtest version is similar to the usual, but the big kvadrokopter. But Tim Wong, Deputy Head of the military research laboratory, explained that using prototype in United States Army hope to create serial cargo drone capable of delivering a variety of loads in soliders locations. The so called Amazon on the battlefield, Wong called it. In addition, judging by the size, platform completely will create based on the hoverbajki.
The device can be used in a variety of conditions, it is expected that after the prototype will be tested, the aircraft will finish it to able to make flights of distances up to200 kilometers with a useful load of up to 350 kilograms on board. Later it is planned to equip drones tracking systems, navigation and route planning, it will help expand the scope of these devices and use them for a more dynamic and challenging missions